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Q: What kind of harp do you use?
A: The harp that I use most frequently is an Elysian semi-concert pedal harp. It has a beautiful mahogany column with gold accents. I use a Lyon & Healy Ebony Style 30 concert pedal harp when I play in orchestras or give concerts. I also have a Celtic lever harp made by Triplett that can be used for Irish and Renaissance style music.

Q: Is the harp loud enough?
A: The harp can be heard in most environments. One of the wonderful things about harp music is that it adds a lovely touch without being overpowering. In very large spaces or where there are many guests, I can use my own small, portable amplifier, or plug into an existing PA system.

Q: How much space is required for the harp?
A: I require an area approximately 4 X 8 feet for my harp, bench and music stand.

Q: How hard is it to move the harp?
A: I have a custom “harp cart” that I use to move my harp. It is not difficult to move short distances, but I need assistance if I must move the harp very long distances or up into a balcony.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book you?
A: You should book as far in advance as possible, especially for Saturdays or any day in December. However, last minute events are always welcome if I am available.

Q: What is required to secure your services?
A: I require a signed contract and $100 non-refundable deposit to secure the date. Forms of payment include check, cash or money order. The balance is due either before or at the event.

Q: Do you play special requests?

A: I will do my best to learn your special requests as long as the music is available in print and I am given at least two weeks notice.

Q: Do you charge extra to sing or accompany others?
A: I love to sing and do not charge extra to accompany myself. I also enjoy accompanying others. There is no extra charge for me to accompany someone else as long as the soloist provides me with the music in the desired key, and schedules no more than one rehearsal at my home.

Q: Do you play outdoors?
A: The harp is suitable for outdoor events. However, I require a flat, stable, dry surface to play on. It is amazing how uneven lawns are! There must also be a backup location in the event of inclement weather. I will not play if there is a risk that my harp could be damaged by rain or extreme heat or cold.

Q: What music is included in a wedding ceremony?
A: I plan to play about 20-30 minutes prelude music as the guests arrive. The processional music includes separate selections for the seating of the parents, the entrance of the wedding party, and the entrance of the bride. You may decide to include several solos within the ceremony, such as during the lighting of the unity candle. At the conclusion of the ceremony I play a selection for the recessional and then one or two pieces as the guests depart. If the reception is held in the same place as the ceremony, I can also play during the cocktail hour for a small additional fee.

Q: How do I know what music to choose?
A: You are welcome to come to my house for one free consultation to select music. I will play samples of the songs that you are interested in, as well as suggest other selections that you might like. If we are unable to meet in person, I am quite adept at humming tunes on the phone!

Q: Do you come to the wedding rehearsal?
A: I almost never attend the wedding rehearsal. I have found that everyone is so busy figuring out where to stand and what comes next that my attendance is not needed. After playing for over 1000 weddings, I am very adept at tailoring the music to fit what is needed. My only request is that I be seated where I can observe everything that goes on. In the event that I must attend the rehearsal, I charge $100 to cover time and travel.

Q: How do I know that you will be the harpist that shows up to play for my event?
A: I believe that the relationship that we have established before an event is very important. Therefore, I never send another harpist in my place unless I have a major emergency that makes it impossible for me to play. If the unexpected should ever occur, I will find another accomplished harpist to take my place and you will be informed of this beforehand.

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